Fun in the Sun DRIVE

1st Annual FUN in the SUN Drive hosted in partnership with Panera Bread

DONATE TODAY! Order from Amazon to have them shipped directly to One by One. Amazon shipments should be scheduled to arrive no later than July 13th.  Donations do not need to come from Amazon.  If you already have items on hand, or want to buy and donate locally, please reach out to us at to arrange a time and place for you to drop them off. Note that we will not be able to accommodate any donations after July 13th.

All donations will be distributed during a fun Summer Water Carnival Event for Foster & Kinship Families on July 16th.

DONATIONS WANTED: (All items should be new.)


Sidewalk Chalk

Hula Hoops

Jump Ropes

Flip Flops or water shoes for all ages

Sunblock SPF 30 or higher (broad spectrum)

Beach Towels


Water Blasters

Squirt Guns

Beach Balls



Toddler Bath Toys (for playing in a toddler pool)

Inflatable toddler pools

Dive sticks, rings, or other such toys

Little toys or candies for the prizes, such as Smarties, Tootsie Rolls, Spin Tops, bookmarks, plastic slinkies, fidget toys, etc.


Most Needed: Bubbles, Sidewalk Chalk, Flip Flops, and Beach Towels


Order off our Amazon Wish List specifically for this event and ship directly to One by One from the link. We will also gladly accept gift cards to Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Target for supplies and prizes.