From the Beginning…

The story behind the organization

Mother Theresa said: “Everyone deserves to go out of this world knowing they are loved.”

About 15 months ago, founder and executive director Stephanie Wright had an image come to her of a medical center that was focused around foster children and their unique needs. She saw in her mind’s eye a little girl entering one of these centers and wrote out the following scenario (edited for shortness):

Day 1 Sophia is removed from her biological family and placed in a foster home with her foster mom Amy. Amy is given the Wellness Center number to call and schedule an intake appt if desired.

Day 2 or 3 Amy brings Sophia to the wellness center. Sophia is greeted with love and warmth, and escorted to a playroom of sensory toys, while Amy fills out intake paperwork. Sophia and Amy are escorted by a nurse to a patient room that looks more like a living room, complete with a couch, bookshelves, snacks, and sensory toys. They are given a few minutes to adjust to the new room before the nurse takes Sophia’s vitals. The pediatrician walks in while the nurse is still there, carrying a duffel bag with a monogrammed S on it, which she gives to Sophia and shows her what’s inside. Then the pediatrician begins a full workup and screenings for speech, vision, and other possible deficits. Most of this is done while Sophia is playing with the toys. The appointment takes as long as is needed. Once finished, the pediatrician walks them to the front where the receptionist works with Amy to schedule the next appts with a psychologist/behavioral specialist, full occupational testing if indicated and vision specialist. Amy is sent home with a resource packet containing info on access to help foster children and families.

Sophia is recommended to receive occupational, speech, and vision therapy. These are scheduled in or out of the office (referred out if needed) and Amy has the option of combining appointments.

There is a caseworker assigned to Sophia’s case that makes follow-up calls and helps reach out to other organizations if needed. The caseworker is the go-to person for Amy to call if she needs anything at all in caring for Sophia.

The Wellness Team meets weekly to coordinate new patient findings and best course of treatment, including possible in-home services.

The vision grew over time until Stephanie was in a position to begin the steps to put it into place, which is where we are now. The very beginning stages.